Mary Sollosi
February 15, 2017 AT 09:08 AM EST

Fifteen years ago Wednesday, Britney Spears made her cinematic debut, starring in Tamra Davis’ early-aughts classic Crossroads, written by a pre-TGIT Shonda Rhimes.

Spears stars as Lucy, Georgia high school valedictorian and all-around good girl whose father wants her to become a doctor but whose heart dreams of a music career. When Lucy and her two former best friends, catty prom queen Kit (Zoe Saldana) and pregnant Mimi (Taryn Manning), dig up an old box that they had filled with significant childhood artifacts and then buried years before, the newly reunited trio leave their small town and embark on a cross-country road trip to fulfill their girlhood dreams.

In honor of 15 years of what is arguably the greatest road-trip movie of all time (or at least the greatest road-trip movie of 2002), take our quiz to find out which of the Crossroads girls (by which we mean, of course, which of Crossroads’ not-girls, not-yet women) you are!

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