Devan Coggan
January 27, 2017 AT 02:15 PM EST

If Devon Sawa gets his way, we may be seeing the return of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Sawa starred in the 1995 Brad Silberling film Casper as the human version of the spectral protagonist. Now, more than two decades after whispering “Can I keep you?” in Christina Ricci’s ear, Sawa says he’d like to reprise his ghostly role.

“Alright, I know it’s been awhile.. but I think I’m finally ready to do a Casper sequel,” he wrote on Twitter.

And apparently, Casper isn’t the only 1995 movie Sawa’s interested in revisiting. He also shared a kiss with Ricci in the coming-of-age story Now and Then, and he reached out to screenwriter I. Marlene King (who created Pretty Little Liars) to inquire about a sequel for that, too. “There has been some talk about it,” she replied. “Stay tuned.”

Guess we just have to wait and see what Ricci says.

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