Nivea Serrao
March 17, 2017 AT 10:00 AM EDT

The people have spoken!

After a worldwide vote as part of Monopoly Token Madness, which allowed people to vote among 64 classic and new tokens, the popular rent-based board game will feature an all-new line-up.

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The new selection of eight will feature some perennial favorites (the Scottie dog, top hat, car, and battleship), as well as the cat, which replaced the iron in 2013. The three completely new additions are… (drumroll, please)… the T-Rex, rubber ducky, and penguin.

In other words, we’ve all been spared those emoji tokens. Phew!

Still, this also means some of the more classic play pieces like the boot, wheelbarrow, or thimble did not garner enough votes to stay in the box, with the latter actually being the first piece voted out of the competition, and will go to jail, directly to jail, without passing Go ever again.

Don’t fret if your fave isn’t included in this list as Hasbro won’t be making changes to the game until August, when newer editions of the board game will be sold featuring the eight new pieces. Until then, fans are welcome to pass Go and celebrate World Monopoly Day on Sunday, March 19.

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