Get a Sneak Peek at Children's Storybook The Zombie Who Cried Human

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To scare or not to scare? That is the question most parents of little kids face this time of year. With Halloween upon us, EW presents a first look at an upcoming storybook that answers in the affirmative: Yes, a little scare is good for the soul.
The Zombie Who Cried Human is written by Brian James Freeman and illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne, and it's set in a post-apocalyptic world where Zombie Boy lives on a farm with his zombie family and undead dog.
The series will take classic children's stories and add a spooky twist. The Zombie Who Cried Human takes its inspiration from Aesop's fable 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf,' teaching the moral that even the walking dead should remember to be honest. 
In this world, the living dead are everywhere, but that's okay. Humans are the dangerous ones. When Zombie Boy plays a prank by yelling to his neighbors that he sees a living human, help comes shambling through the field.
But his fellow zombies are furious about being tricked. Zombie Boy's parents would kill him for fooling everyone with such a frightening lie ... if he wasn't already deceased. Doesn't he have any braaaains?
Then ... one day he sees a real human. Uh oh. You can see where this is going.
The Zombie Who Cried Human will be the first in what Cemetery Dance Publications calls the “Little Gruesome” series. The book hits shelves in April 2018. Until then, Happy Halloween  and keep away from those deadly human beings.