Relive classic Harry Potter moments with new LEGO sets

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Block out major set pieces from Harry's early years at Hogwarts

The original Harry Potter book series ended years ago, but it still feels like there's never been a better time to be a Potter fan. The new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game allows players to create their own Hogwarts student, and the new Fantastic Beasts movies continue to deepen the wizarding world. Three new LEGO sets are also on the way, each illustrating a classic moment from the books: a climactic Quidditch match from Sorcerer's Stone, the Weasleys' car crashing into the Whomping Willow in Chamber of Secrets, and the Dementor attack on the Hogwarts Express from Prisoner of Azkaban. Ahead, EW presents an exclusive look at each set.

Quidditch match

Back when Harry and his friends thought Snape was evil, they became convinced he was trying to kill Harry during a Quidditch game (in reality, he was blocking Professor Quirrel's attempts to do so). The great Hogwarts Quidditch arena is replicable here, along with figures of Snape, Harry, and assorted players.

Hogwarts and the Whomping Willow

After Dobby's tricks inspired the Dursleys to ban Harry from Hogwarts in his second year, his best friend, Ron Weasley, had to smuggle him there in a flying car. This set presents Harry, Ron, the Weasleys' Ford Anglia, and of course, the Whomping Willow. 

Car, meet tree

Harry and Ron's flight to Hogwarts seemed to be going well, but once they reached the campus they ran straight into the sentient Whomping Willow. The car was wrecked, and Harry and Ron were punished with tasks that set up the rest of Chamber of Secrets.

The Hogwarts Express

The train to Hogwarts departs from Platform 9¾ every fall. Usually it's a warm and friendly atmosphere full of sweet treats, but in Harry's third year it became a stalking ground for nightmarish Dementors. 

Dementors attack

Harry's first encounter with Dementors (and first meeting with Professor Remus Lupin) took place aboard the Hogwarts Express, but with this full set you can rearrange things. Just imagine if a Dementor had attacked at King's Cross station!