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Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland has told the story of Gertrude, a young girl whose innocence has turned to bloodlust after spending decades trapped in the magical dimension of Fairyland. Tired of playing around with unicorns and elves, she now carves them up with a battle axe on her quest to find a way back home. In a new special one-shot comic written and illustrated by Young for Free Comic Book Day 2017, Gert finally escapes from Fairyland … only to find herself in the realm of her fellow Image Comics characters.

In an exclusive excerpt from I Hate Image, Gert encounters Kamau Kogo from Bitch Planet. A “non-compliant” woman sent to live in an off-world prison in her own comic, Kamau is more than capable of kicking some butt herself, but unfortunately proves no match for Gert’s pent-up rage. From there, Gert finds The Will and Lying Cat from Saga. She asks for their help finding her way home, and when they prove unhelpful, she beats them up too.

Check out the NSFW preview below. (The images contain depictions of violence.) To find out what other Image comic characters Gert encounters in her quest (InvincibleThe Walking Dead?), check out I Hate Image and the rest of what Free Comic Book Day has to offer on May 6, 2017.

Skottie Young
Skottie Young
Skottie Young
Skottie Young

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