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James Corden makes Jessica Alba, Kate Mara flinch with fruit

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James Corden’s games are getting increasingly stacked. On Wednesday night, he brought together three guests (Ken Jeong, Jessica Alba, and Kate Mara) to play a game called Flinch. One by one, the celebrities stood behind a glass pane and tried not to flinch as Corden catapulted fruit at them. As each one took their turn, Corden would distract them by asking an innocuous question (such as “what did you have for breakfast today?”) and then fire as they answered, to their shock. It worked for all three of them, especially Mara, who looked positively jittery when it was her turn. 

Then it was Corden’s turn, and though Alba tried the same tactic (“James, how many kids do you have?”), he was unflappable. “I have two kids,” Corden answered stone-faced as the fruit exploded against the glass in front of him.

Watch the clip below.