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Passengers: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt have an intergalactic first date

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Most of the clips and trailers for the upcoming Passengers have highlighted just how terrifying it is to be alone in space, whether that’s accidentally losing gravity while swimming or dealing with explosions and power failures. But in this new clip from Morten Tyldum’s sci-fi drama, voyagers Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) finally get to have a little fun, getting all dolled up for a first date.

“You went shopping,” Aurora says, as the pair head toward the ship’s glitzy bar (complete with a suave robot bartender played by Michael Sheen).

“I went shop… lifting,” Jim replies.

Passengers follows Jim and Aurora as they travel through space to a distant colony, only to unexpectedly wake up 30 years into their 120-year hibernation. And as if waking up 90 years too early wasn’t bad enough, their luxury spaceship soon begins to malfunction, endangering both Jim and Aurora’s lives and the lives of the 5,000 other passengers on board. (As well as Sheen the robot bartender.)

Passengers hits theaters on Dec. 21.