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Cats and dogs team up to fight monsters in new comic 'Legend: Defend the Grounds'

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Chris Koehler

Cats and dogs hate each other; it’s just one of the rules of the world. But when the world ends, those kind of classic dynamics can get upturned. Such is the case in Z2 Comics’ Legend, a new comic from novelist Samuel Sattin and artist Chris Koehler, which follows a group of cats and dogs banding together to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

After their human owners are taken over by an evil supernatural force, dogs (led by the eponymous protagonist, Legend) and cats team up to survive. This gleeful genre mashup (featuring Lovecraftian monsters, armored cats, and so on) is captured by Koehler’s gorgeous, Rockwellian art – also designed to mimic dogs’ unique, chromatic vision of the world. 

“Chris and I approached the world of Legend as a place both familiar and deceptively alien. It’s the world we know and love, but broken and beaten, with mankind out of favor,” Sattin told EW in a statement. “It’s interesting to me that Legend is coming out this week, during a time of national upheaval, where illiberal forces are making many of us feel as if we might not recognize the world we will wake up to tomorrow. But I will also say that Legend, while taking place in a battered world, is a story of resilience, and a story of rebirth.” 

Legend: Defend the Grounds hits stores this week. Watch the trailer above, and check out a short preview below. 

Chris Koehler
Chris Koehler
Chris Koehler