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Kellyanne Conway responds to Trump's SNL tweets

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Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, sparred with a CNN anchor when she went on TV to discuss Trump’s tweets slamming Hamilton and Saturday Night Live from over the weekend.

This past weekend, the former Celebrity Apprentice host accused the cast of Hamilton of harrassing Vice-President elect Mike Pence when he went to see the show on Friday. Trump was responding to the fact that cast member Brandon Victor Dixon read a message to Pence during the curtain call that urged the incoming administration to protect everyone’s rights, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or religion. Then on Sunday, Trump took issue (yet again) with Saturday Night Live, saying it was “a totally one-sided, biased show — nothing funny at all.”

Many criticized the next President of the United States for his tweets, and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo asked Conway about Trump’s social media use when she came on CNN Monday. 

“Why take up SNL? No president does that. Why take it up? Why waste the time? Why distract?” asked Cuomo.

“But, why do you care?” replied Conway. “In other words, who is to say that he can’t do that — make a comment, spend five minutes on a tweet and making a comment — and still being the president-elect?” 

From there, the two started talking over each other as Conway urged Cuomo and the rest of Trump’s critics to focus instead on everything else he has done this week, including meeting with foreign leaders, and Cuomo continued to press her on the issue. 

“You’re assigning malice or you’re assigning wrongdoing to him where it doesn’t exist,” said Conway, adding that CNN and other media outlets are focusing on divisions instead of accepting the election and letting Trump form a government. “Do you see what else he’s tweeting? He’s tweeting about the people he’s meeting, which have phenomenal.” 

Watch the heated conversation above: