Ariana Bacle
November 20, 2016 AT 04:21 PM EST

Kristen Wiig — er, Wisten Kriig — takes us on a tour of Thanksgiving foods in a sketch that was cut from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, which the former star hosted.

In the sketch, Wiig sits down and shows the camera some dishes including candied yams — a.k.a. a sweet potato with a photo of John Candy on it — and peas… that aren’t actually peas.

“These are just birth control pills painted green,” she says. “Donald Trump can’t take away what he can’t find.”

It takes another turn for the sad when she grabs a wishbone. “Let’s see if it works,” she says before breaking it in two. “Nope. Still alive.” It’s funny, we promise.

Watch the sketch below, and read our full recap of the episode here.

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