Nick Romano
November 20, 2016 AT 05:04 PM EST

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world out there ever since Donald Trump became America’s President-elect. In addition to Pete Davidson’s Weekend Update tips and the Target escape plan, Saturday Night Live offered a more impactful way of escaping a Trump America — but you may have to go under the dome. 

In the sketch, they introduce The Bubble, a “community of like-minded free thinkers — and nobody else.” In what is essentially “Brooklyn with a bubble on it,” the “fully functional city-state” closes off “progressives” from the rest of America so they can drive hybrid cars, peruse used bookstores, and drink “the rawest milk you’ve ever tasted” in peace. 

Other amenities include new currency (with Bernie Sanders replacing George Washington on the $1 bill) and internet access (but only to “the good sites” like The Huffington Post and Netflix documentaries about sushi rice). 

Enter The Bubble in the sketch below. 

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