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Garth Brooks and Jimmy Kimmel write a country song about breakdancing

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Many country songs involve lyrics about trucks or beer or warm summer nights, but at its heart, the genre is often about some deep pain. As Garth Brooks explained to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night, a good country song can start with finding “something that moves you, something you’d die for, something that changed your life.” That’s right, Brooks continued his monster comeback year by instructing Kimmel in the art of writing a country hit.

The moment Kimmel eventually seized on was the time he and his friend Daniel got cheated out of breakdancing lessons. The resulting song had lyrics like “Boogaloo, here’s a check for you, a thousand in advance / When Dan sees you and Shabba Doo, he’ll surely s–t his pants.”

“That’s a great country lyric right there,” Brooks said.

Watch the clip below.