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Matthew Broderick, James Corden sing about Thanksgiving turkey

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In America, Thanksgiving means gathering with family to eat good food and watch football, but James Corden knows it can involve plenty of arguing, too, whether about politics or the proper way to cook a turkey. Acknowledging that “on this show, anything worth fighting about is worth singing about,” Corden invited Matthew Broderick to debate turkey-cooking methods in the form of a fugue.

Transported to a homey-looking kitchen, Corden made the case for deep-frying a turkey (“It’s that time of year, this recipe has made it clear: deep fry, deep fry”) while Broderick took up the argument for slow roasting it (“I make pickle and grime every time that I slow-roast the bird and it’s sublime”). After singing their arguments individually, Broderick and Corden started dancing around the kitchen, wielding their uncooked turkeys as they imitated matadors.

Watch the clip below.