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Humans: Synths begin to wake up in season 2 trailer

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Synths have begun to reboot their understanding of human emotion.

In the exclusive season 2 trailer for Humans above, the code Niska (Emily Berrington) took with her at the end of the first season has been released and is slowly making synths conscious — a quirk Dr. Athena Morrow (Carrie-Anne Moss) sets out to investigate. Elsewhere, the Hawkins family is facing a sea change of their own, as Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) loses his job to a synth, while Leo (Colin Morgan) goes on the run, and Mia (Gemma Chan) falls for a human. “I am a synthetic,” she admits, “but I’m awake.”

The trailer also offers glimpses of characters from season 1, including conscious synth Karen (Ruth Bradley), un-conscious synth Odi (Will Tudor), and human Pete (Neil Maskell). And though there are more synths gaining consciousness, not everyone believes in a happy medium where synths and humans can coexist peacefully. “If a thing can be free, it should be free,” Niska argues. “If it can think, it should think. If it can feel, it should feel.”

Humans returns in February on AMC.