November 14, 2016 at 03:55 PM EST

The Simpsons may have predicted a Donald Trump presidency, but that doesn’t mean the show is happy about it.

Back in 2000, a season 11 episode, “Bart to the Future,” featured a peek into adulthood for the Simpson children, with Lisa becoming the country’s “first straight female president.” In one scene, she talks to her staff about receiving “quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” which her aides say has left the country “broke.”

In the wake of the Nov. 8 election — which saw Trump pull off an upset victory over Hillary Clinton, followed by subsequent protests around the country — the animated Fox comedy put in a jab about this prophecy in its opening credits of the Nov. 13 episode. The chalkboard scene showed Bart writing over and over, “Being right sucks.” Check it out below.

Earlier this year, Simpsons writer-producer Dan Greaney, who penned “Bart to the Future,” said that the season 11 scene served as a “warning to America.”

The Simpsons mocked Trump during the election, and an episode later this season will tweak the controversy-scarred Trump University as Mr. Burns starts Burns University.

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