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Donald Trump had warm talks with Clinton, Obama: Kellyanne Conway

‘I am told Secretary Clinton congratulated Donald Trump on his victory,’ she said

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Kellyanne Conway made the media rounds Wednesday morning, revealing details of Hillary Clinton’s phone call to Donald Trump after the nation learned her Republican rival won the presidential election.

“My phone rang, it said Huma Abedin. I had a nice exchange with Huma, whom I respect very much, and she said Secretary Clinton would like to talk to Mr. Trump,” said Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, on CNN’s New Day. “So I handed him the phone and they had maybe a one-minute conversation — very gracious, very warm. I heard Mr. Trump’s side of it. He commended her for being smart and tough and running a very hard-fought campaign. And I am told Secretary Clinton congratulated Donald Trump on his victory and conceded to him.”

Conway was asked whether Trump planned on making good on his campaign promise to appoint a prosecutor to investigate Clinton, though Conway at first deflected the question, and then ultimately admitted that she had not discussed the topic with Trump.

She also stopped by the Today show to tell Savanna Guthrie and Matt Lauer about a phone call Trump received from President Barack Obama in the wee hours of the night.

“It was a very warm conversation, and we were happy to receive the call from the president,” she said. “They had a great, thorough conversation about Mr. Trump’s victory. He was congratulated, and I think they resolved to work together, which is exactly what this country needs. We expect that the two gentlemen will be meeting soon.”

Conway also made an appearance on Fox & Friends, where she praised the new president-elect’s humbleness and drive, and said that Trump gives “people who aren’t part of the system hope that they can get a fair shot as well.”

“The man is brilliant, and the man is gutsy, and the man ran and sacrificed to do this for the country,” said Conway. “He didn’t need the money and the fame and the power and the status, and it’s very attractive to people. He’s been humble for a while, and I say that because, if you look at all the polls, when he talks about rigged systems, he definitely means the polls. He was never leading in Pennsylvania, and we would not give up on Pennsylvania.”