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Seth Meyers reviews last days of presidential campaign

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Seth Meyers on Monday delivered his last Closer Look before Election Day. His signature segment, in which Meyers uses reporting and footage to analyze a news story, had steadily become one of his most popular bits, thanks to the never-ending stream of interesting news provided by this election. Appropriately, Meyers used this segment to examine how presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have used their final days.

Clinton, for her part, has spent time campaigning with celebrity superstars like Jay Z and Beyoncé. Trump’s campaign went after her for this, with surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes attempting to highlight the perceived violence of Jay Z’s work. During her appearance on CNN, Hughes tried to draw attention to the riotous opening of the “No Church in the Wild” video, but ended up becoming a viral sensation when she referred to “mazel tov cocktails.”

“For those of you who don’t know, a mazel tov cocktail is what you throw at a Jewish wedding if the groom is not a doctor,” Meyers said. “Congratulations on your union. Now let’s burn it down!'”

An even more effective campaigner for Clinton has been President Barack Obama, who has not been shy about attacking Trump. At a Florida rally on Monday, Obama mocked Trump for reportedly getting his Twitter account taken away by his campaign staff. “If somebody can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes,” Obama said.

“That’s the stand-up comedy Obama I was talking about,” Meyer said. “After this campaign is over, check out his new Netflix special You Can’t Handle The Nuclear Codes.”

Trump, meanwhile, attended a rally in Michigan with musician Ted Nugent, who grabbed his crotch on stage while declaring, “I’ve got your blue state right here!” As Meyers noted, the vulgar display formed a sharp contrast to the celebrity of Jay Z, the classiness of Obama, and the dignity of major Clinton surrogate Khizr Khan.

Watch the clip below.