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Will Ferrell urges millennials to vote in new Hillary Clinton ad

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@HillaryClinton via Twitter

The 2016 presidential election is almost done. Now that all the debates are over with, all that’s left is for people to actually get out and vote for their preferred candidate. As a result, Hillary Clinton’s messaging is now focused on making sure people do just that. The latest ad is aimed squarely at younger voters, who tend to be relatively bad at turnout. To inspire them, the Clinton campaign recruited none other than Will Ferrell to speak to millennials in language they can hopefully understand. 

At age 49, Ferrell is no millennial, but he sure knows the lingo. “Let’s all put down our Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, and other assorted app-based technologies for a minute so we can keep it 100,” he said, while clad in a ‘Nasty Woman’ T-shirt as little emoji icons danced around him.

Ferrell’s message is simple: Your voting history is public record (not who you voted for, but whether you voted at all), so if you want to avoid millennial-style online peer pressure, make sure to cast a vote. Or, in other words, “If you don’t vote, everyone might find out that you’re the opposite of ‘on fleek,’ or that you’re basic, or even worse, that you’ve got no chill.”

Watch the clip below.