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Vampire Diaries: Susan Walters remembers Carol Lockwood

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Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

With one season left in The Vampire Diaries’ run, we decided it was time to start collecting everyone’s final diary entries. Every week during the final season, EW is asking those involved with the show to look back on one of their favorite moments from the series. So grab your tissues and join us on this trip down a vampire-filled memory lane.

For week three, we got Susan Walters to walk us through some of her best scenes as Carol Lockwood…

One of my favorite scenes was my first season when Mrs. Lockwood was dressed up as a flapper and I was flirting with Ian Somerhalder in a bar. I loved that scene. It was so much fun. What was really interesting for me is I was living in Atlanta at the time so I was a local hire. And yet, I worked with people that I’d worked with in L.A. And what was so great was how Ian and Nina Dobrev were as giving and welcoming to me as I would’ve felt if I was doing it in Los Angeles. I loved that scene. I knew the show was going to do so well because I was so impressed by how seriously they took their jobs, how committed they were, and how much he valued our little scene together. Besides that, I loved the subject matter and I loved flirting around with Ian because that was really fun for me to be able to do. 

I absolutely love my first episode, where I tell that poor girl something about taking her out with the trash. I thought, “They have to hire me. This dialogue is so perfect for me.” Vicki Donovan was at the party with Tyler — that’s who I was sassy to in my audition.

Since I was a local hire, I was available, so all of a sudden as the mayor’s wife, I was able to be the beauty pageant director and the auctioneer lady. I had so much fun. I would just get to go and play with these great kids. They ended up giving me so much stuff to do. 

Obviously getting drowned was a big scene for me. And actually I was so lucky. I knew my death would be coming at some point. It was just kind of par for the course. I remember being so grateful that I had a private death, so it was just Joseph Morgan and myself. The whole cast wasn’t there watching me. It was just me and Joseph, and Joseph, what a great actor. He’s so committed. It was very painless. They made everybody leave; it was late at night and it was just kind of private. It was good.

When Pascal [Verschooris] called me to say that my character was being killed, of course as an actress the first thought is, “Oh God, did I do something wrong?” Then he explained the story and it was such an indication of how classy the show was and how accepted I felt there in that small part that I had. I was treated really well that whole last episode.

I knew the whole time I was doing [Vampire Diaries] how lucky I was to have gotten that part and to have had her continue. I’m forever grateful that they chose me and that they continued to use me over four years.

—As told to Samantha Highfill

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.