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Patton Oswalt discusses his grief on Tonight Show

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It’s been a hard year for Patton Oswalt. Although he won his first Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special, Oswalt has also been reeling from the death of his wife, Michelle McNamara, back in April. On Wednesday night, he went on The Tonight Show to discuss how he deals with his lingering grief. 

“The thing about grief is it likes its suprises,” Oswalt said. “So a couple months ago, if I started to cry or had a moment where I missed her, it was for a reason like, ‘Oh, she loved this Wilco song,’ or ‘Oh, I remember us taking this drive.’ Now, grief will make me cry at stuff and I have no idea why I’m doing it … I was waiting for an app to update, and I don’t know why, but then I started crying, thinking, ‘There’s apps on her phone that will never update again.’ It was the dumbest thing. So now I’m like the Hulk of crying. I don’t know when I’ll Hulk out crying, but it’ll be for nothing.” 

In other words, Oswalt took his lingeing pain and transformed it into a comedic, cathartic story. Host Jimmy Fallon made sure to thank him on behalf of his fans as the interview ended.

“I just wanted to say that we love you here,” Fallon said. “It’s tough to deal with this grief, but you go out there making people laugh, and people need a laugh.”

“I need a laugh,” Oswalt said. “Thank you.”

Watch the clip below.