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Making History cast talks new Fox series

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Have you ever wondered what a Mel Brooks-helmed crossover of Back to the Future and Breaking Bad would be like? No? Well, that’s OK, because according to Adam Pally, Making History is about to take you there anyway.

Pally, alongside his co-stars Leighton Meester and Yassir Lester, stopped by EW PopFest last weekend to chat about the origins of their new Fox show about a professor (Pally) who goes back in time and falls in love, only to return to the future and realize he’s messed with the fabric of history.

“It’s this super funny writer/show creator named Julius Sharpe who was a longtime writer on Family Guy with Seth MacFarlane,” Pally explained of the show’s beginning. “And he had this idea for a time-traveling comedy, and they got Jared Hess on board, who directed Napoleon Dynamite, and then Leighton and Yassir just kind of fell on top of there.”

Pally also told EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham and Kyle Anderson how his goal for the show was simple: Make it funny. “I think we’re trying to make the funniest show we can,” he said. “I feel like there’s not a ton of straight-ahead funny shows, and that’s our goal. It reminds me a little of Back to the Future, and a little Mel Brooks, it’s great. I’ve kidnapped Leighton’s daughter, and that’s how I got her to do the show.”

Making History, which Pally teases will have a “very Breaking Bad element where each story leads to the next story,” is set to premiere in spring 2017.

Watch the cast talk about the show above.

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