Christian Holub
November 02, 2016 at 01:20 PM EDT

Donald Trump has been making headlines almost every day since declaring his presidential campaign last summer. Although he is now one election away from the presidency of the United States, the price may be the total destruction of Trump’s brand. He had been a national figure for decades, between his time on The Apprentice and his years as a tabloid fixture, but the presidential race brought a new level of scrutiny, as Seth Meyers examined on Tuesday’s Late Night

As Meyers noted, Trump’s wealth meant people usually assumed he was smart (and The Apprentice was often edited to make his decisions look logical). That assumption has been thrown out a bit this election, not least by Trump’s own campaign advisors, who regularly describe him as if he’s an unruly child they can barely control. Kellyanne Conway, for example, told New York Magazine that she tries to moderate Trump’s angry tweets as if she was tellling a kid, “How about having two brownies and not six?”

“That encapsulates where we are in this election,” Meyers said. “It counts as a victory to convince someone to only eat two brownies.”

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Conway also said that advisors often communicate with Trump by going on TV and then making him watch it. Meyers mocked this with a parody clip of Dora the Explorer, in which the dialouge is dubbed over with lines like “stay on message” and “stop tweeting at 3 in the morning.” 

Watch the clip below.

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