Chancellor Agard
November 02, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) won’t stay dead for long on Salem.

In case you forgot, our favorite Salem witch died in the supernatural series’ season 2 finale after she sacrificed her life to save her true love John (Shane West). However, there’s clearly no eternal rest for the wicked, because in this exclusive clip from Salem‘s season 3 premiere, Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) is seen trudging through the forest to find Mary’s grave.

“Forgive me, sister. I, as much as anyone, put you in this grave, and now I must drag you from it,” says Tituba as she digs, eventually revealing Mary’s very pale face.

In season 3, Tituba has a horrifying vision of hell on Earth, which is most likely due to the fact that the devil has risen. To prevent what she sees from coming to pass, Tituba must ressurect Mary, the devil’s mother, because she’s the only one who can stop him.

Watch the entire clip above.

Salem returns Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.

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