Alex Bailey/Netflix
November 01, 2016 at 08:18 PM EDT

If you listen to the hosts of Bingeworthy, Netflix’s The Crown is either a crowning television achievement or a complete drag.

During the latest episode of Bingeworthy, the new series from the People/Entertainment Weekly Network, hosts Jessica Shaw (EW Radio on SiriusXM) and Touré (MSNBC’s The Cycle) passionately debated the upcoming series, which documents the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

“I love this show,” proclaimed Shaw. “The performances are brilliant, the production value is so high, and I just couldn’t get enough of this.”

While Touré agreed about the design of the show and praised John Lithgow’s performance as Winston Churchill, he found The Crown to be a chore to get through.

“If it was just John Lithgow doing Churchill, I’d be in, but it’s not,” he explained. “This is paint dry TV. What do they want? Where are we going? What is happening? Where is the drama? I’m like, ‘I can’t with you people.’ I was so bored.”

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