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Samantha Bee explains Donald Trump's connection to the alt-right

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Donald Trump’s connection to the fringe movement known as the “alt-right” has only increased since hiring Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon as his campaign manager back in August. Since then, the alt-right (which Samantha Bee describes as “a diverse assortment of paleo conservatives, men’s rights misogynists, right-wing populists, anti-PC crusaders, Jew-baiters, white ethno-nationalists, Southern secessionists, Islamophobes, Holocaust deniers, self-described satirists, trolls, doctors, cyberbullies, and good old-fashioned Neo-Nazis”) has coalesced around Trump, relentlessly bullying people like National Review David French who refused to endorse Trump. French isn’t the only journalist to have been targeted by the alt-right; its members have started shouting words like “Lügenpresse” at journalists covering Trump rallies — an old Nazi term that has found new circulation among internet white-supremacist circles.

“For vulnerable minds, an internet journey from 4chan to Third Reich offers plenty of chances for radicalization,” Bee said. “There was the domestic terrorist who wrote a manifesto explaining how far-right websites had convinced him black-on-white crime was an epidemic. It was bogus statistics like these that helped persuade him to murder nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church — the same statistics that would later be retweeted to millions of gullible white uncles by the Republican nominee for president.”

Bee added that the Trump campaign has courted and supported the alt-right, especially in the months since Bannon took over — an irresponsible strategy that could have real ramifications.

“By design or by stupidity, Trump’s campaign has casually flung over a Pandora’s Box of vicious gremlins, without caring who they might hurt, which is pretty f—ing irresponsible,” Bee said. She joked, “I mean, not as irresponsible as using a private email server, obviously, but still bad.”

Watch the video below.