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Smash Mouth on TODAY: 90s Halloween celebrates old school band

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The TODAY show celebrated Halloween with a ’90s throwback theme. And while that meant their hosts dressed up in costumes like Demi Moore’s pregnant Vanity Fair cover, Pulp Fiction characters, and “Young Carson Daly,” musical guests Smash Mouth lent some authentically ’90s tunes to the stage when they sang their 1999 hit “All Star.”

After the performance, frontman Steve Harwell joined the TODAY hosts to reminisce about the good ol’ ’90s. “We go way back,” Carson Daly, who hosted MTV’s TRL when Smash Mouth peaked, said.

“He’s completely responsible [for our fame],” Harwell said. “He was the first one to play us on the radio.”

“They had a song called ‘Walking on the Sun,'” Daly said. “I got a job at [radio station] KROQ in L.A. and I basically took the band with me. I started playing the song and great things happened for a great band.”

After TODAY host Savannah Guthrie joked that many of their stories wouldn’t be safe for morning television, Daly agreed, poking fun at another ’90s band, Sugar Ray. “Good thing Mark McGrath’s not here!”

Smash Mouth then took the stage again to perform another 1999 track, “I Can’t Get Enough of You Baby.”