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Robert Kirkman: Why Outcast is the perfect Halloween binge show

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Niko Tavernise/Cinemax

Boo! Okay, that’s wasn’t exactly scary, but if you are the type of person who likes to be spooked on Halloween and you’re looking for the perfect TV show to devour on the scariest day of the year, horror comic guru Robert Kirkman has a suggestion for you: Outcast.

The timing is quite perfect as the demonic possession adaptation of his comic book will be released by iTunes on Halloween. So if you missed season 1 during its regular Cinemax run, then now’s the time to get creeped out by possessed children and a satanic Brent Spiner. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s Outcast creator Robert Kirkman on why you should spend your Halloween binging his truly twisted show:

“It’s everything that you want out of a horror show: It’s creepy, it’s dark, it’s scary, but it’s also very character-centric. Being able to binge this show is going to make it that much more of a pleasurable viewing experience because there’s a lot of nuance here, and there’s a pretty deep mythology to the show and some mystery along the way that people are going to try to piece together. I think getting to watch the show in one long run without the weeklong gaps that you had on Cinemax will allow people to piece things together a little bit more. It’s going to provide all the horror and scares that you want, but there’s going to be that extra level of, ‘What exactly is going on here? Why are these demons behaving this way? Why do Kyle Barnes’ powers affect them this way? What are Kyle Barnes’ powers? Where do they come from?’ All those fun questions are going to be brought to the surface.”

He forgot to mention it can be pretty damn disgusting, and since Halloween is the day to celebrate all that is disgusting, that seemed worth adding in as well. In any event, you can pre-order season 1 of Outcast on iTunes right now, and begin binging on Oct. 31…if you dare.