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Price Is Right: Drew Carey's Plinko theory revealed on The Late Show

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Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Many contestants on The Price Is Right have fallen victim to the game of Plinko, but host Drew Carey revealed his theory for winning big to the Late Show audience on Friday. 

With Plinko, contestants are given a chip with the potential to earn four more. They drop those chips down a giant peg board, eventually landing in one of the nine slots at the bottom. The center marks the big $10,000 prize.  

“My theory is, you should drop it from the center, and the dot of the ‘i’ — if you’re looking at it — is off to the left just a little bit,” Carey told host Stephen Colbert. “So, you want it where the break in the ‘n’ is on the bottom. You wanna drop it from there, that’s right in the middle.”

He added that he would “drop from right there and just let it go. I wouldn’t shove it or put any spin on it. I would just put it even there and just put my hand off and let it drop from the middle.” 

Watch Carey in the video above to hear his Plinko theory.