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Seth Meyers mocks Donald Trump's Obamacare response

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Earlier this week, the Obama administration announced that health insurance premiums through Obamacare would increase by a significant number. Considering that Obamacare is the crowning achievement of Barack Obama’s presidency and Hillary Clinton is running as Obama’s heir, this represented a golden opportunity for her Republican opponent Donald Trump. But as Seth Meyers explored on Wednesday night, Team Trump completely failed to take advantage of the opening.

First, Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich got into a bizarre exchange with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, which dominated headlines in lieu of the Obamacare news. Trump, for his part, sounded hysterical when talking about Obamacare, claiming it’s “killing our businesses, killing our small businesses, killing individuals.” 

“Trump always frames things in the most hysterical way possible,” Meyers said. “God forbid President Trump ever has to deal with a slight dip in GDP. He’d probably tweet, ‘It’s a depression!!! Every man for himself!!! Eat your neighbors!!!'”

Trump also spent a lot of time this week plugging his own businesses: a new golf course in Florida and a new hotel in Washington, D.C. At a time when the flaws in Obamacare are more obvious than ever, Trump has all but completely ignored the topic. 

“Obamacare has problems and we need serious ideas about how to make it better,” Meyers said. “But the reason Republicans haven’t proposed any real plans to fix or replace Obamacare is because they don’t have any. And the guy they nominated for president doesn’t even seem to know what it is. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it’s too late to repeal and replace him with something better.”

Watch the clip below.