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Don't Think Twice stars share their worst audience experiences in no-texting PSA

Tip: Leave your French onion soup at home

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As comedians, the cast of Mike Birbiglia’s Don’t Think Twice have experienced their fair share of poor audience behavior — and they reveal some of the worst (but best, entertainment-wise) examples of it in a new PSA for Alamo Drafthouse Theaters that tells potential theatergoers to leave their conversations, phones, and soup (yes, soup) at home when they head to a show.

“I did a standup set in a bar, it had a little stage in the corner, and there was this guy who stood maybe four feet away from me … eating French onion soup,” Chris Gethard says in the clip. “Just with all the cheese. Staring at me. And just mumbling the words, ‘Bust a nut’ over and over again.” 

Birbiglia’s isn’t quite as weird, though it’s still not great: The comic says someone walked into his 90-minute show 80 minutes in recently, and, when he asked the guy why he came so late, the audience member responded, “I heard the end was good.” At least he was honest?

Watch the PSA — which also includes Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, and Kate Micucci — above.