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'Superstore' clip reveals Halloween costumes

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Tyler Golden/NBC

What do hot dogs, Pikachu, Brexit, and Cleopatra all have in common? They’re the costumes of choice for the Superstore employees, who, by the looks of an exclusive clip from this week’s episode, have shown up for a day of work in their finest Halloween gear.

There’s just one issue: A certain someone hasn’t joined in the fun. That’d be store manager Dina (Lauren Ash), whose dour attitude about the candy-filled holiday threatens to put a serious damper on her staff.

“Stop being the Halloween version of Scrooge, whatever that is,” says Amy (America Ferrera).

With Dina on the defensive – in a scene that’s the stuff of pure comedic gold – she’s pressured into donning a costume from the store’s sales racks. So, what’s her ensemble of choice? You’ll just have to watch the clip below to find out. (All we’ll say is that her getup is arrestingly funny.)

Superstore’s special Halloween episode airs this Thursday on NBC at 8 p.m.