Joe McGovern
October 24, 2016 at 03:15 PM EDT

“We’re here to serve you,” says David (Craig Roberts) with tennis ball and racquet in hand.

That’s just the kind of bad-pun line that fits perfectly within this vintage 1985 TV advertisement for Red Oaks Country Club in New Jersey. Perhaps the commercial isn’t quite as catchy as ’80s spots for Mount Airy Lodge, but it nails the tacky, stiff, endearingly lo-fi quality of the era’s TV ads. And for those of us in on the clever joke, it gives us a quick look at a dozen of the characters from Amazon’s Red Oaks. In addition to David, we also get glimpses of tennis pro Nash (Ennis Esmer), club president Getty (Paul Reiser), valet and apparent bartender Wheeler (Oliver Cooper), lifeguard Misty (Alexandra Turshen), pornstach photographer Barry (Josh Meyers), club lifer Herb (Freddie Roman), and golf pro Skip (Nate Smith).

And though Red Oaks is visually nuanced and sophisticated (the creative team includes filmmakers Steven Soderbergh, David Gordon Green, Greg Jacobs, and Hal Hartley), the show’s second season takes place in 1985 — the summer of Back to the Future, Live Aid, “We Are the World,” and The Goonies

So expect lots of nostalgia when season 2 starts “making quite the racquet” on Amazon on Nov. 11. Check out the trailer for the new season (below).

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