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Logan trailer: 5 takeaways

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After days of teases on social media from the director and stars, the upcoming solo Wolverine movie Logan has released its first trailer. Considering that fans only recently learned basic facts about this movie, and more remain shrouded in secrecy, this trailer has a lot to unpack. Here are five takeaways. 

No more mutants


The trailer begins with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) reprimanding Logan (Hugh Jackman) for something. Logan responds by reminding his old mentor that the world has changed. In fact, he gets even more specific than that: “Mutants, they’re gone now.” It’s unclear how, exactly, Logan means that statement. Are the mutants gone because they were exterminated by humans (as in the iconic Days of Future Past storyline) or their powers were somehow taken away en masse (as the Scarlet Witch did in the 2005 Marvel event series House of M)? It’s unclear, but either way don’t count on seeing too many other mutants hanging around this movie. Even the villain, Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce, is just a cyborg.

Healing factor is messed up, but the claws are intact


Logan’s clearly still kicking around, but it looks like whatever affected the other mutants may have affected him too. His famous healing factor, which allows him to regenerate from any harm, appears to be in remission. Just check out those scars on his back, or the way he seems to shake. That said, the adamantium claws are still intact, and though we only see him unsheathe them for a few seconds of the trailer, it’s hard to spot any blood. In the Old Man Logan comic storyline that supposedly inspired this film, using his claws without his healing factor causes Logan to bleed.

Professor X is still around


The only other returning X-Men character seen in this trailer is Professor X. The famously bald X-Men leader even has some hair this time around, clinging to the back of his head and grown grey in his age. Although we catch a glimpse of Xavier in a wide chamber that looks something like Cerebro, it’s unclear whether his trademark telepathic powers are still intact. He certainly seems to know a lot about this mysterious little girl, and may very well set the film’s plot in motion by inspiring Logan to protect her.

Mad Max: Wolverine


Visually, Logan seems to have a lot more in common with George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road than with Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies. Most of the trailer’s action takes place in a desert locales saturated with color, making it feel a lot like Miller’s gorgeous wasteland. One shot in particular (at 0:48 of the trailer) features a bunch of soldiers riding in jeeps looking exactly like Immortan Joe’s warboys. As a lost soul helping another lost soul through the dangers of the wasteland, this movie’s version of Logan more than a little resembles Max Rockatansky himself. He’s even got his own feral kid.

Who’s the girl?


The biggest mystery of Logan, and one that probably won’t be answered until fans see the movie, is the identity of the young girl played by Sienna Novikov. Logan is entrusted with her care by Professor X, who tells him “she’s like you, very much like you.” Her relationship with Logan is clearly important, because the image of them holding hands was used on the film’s very first poster. On a plot level, she serves as the “cub” to Logan’s “lone wolf.” Logan appears to be post-apocalyptic, and the “loner helps child through wasteland” narrative is a staple of genre classics like The Road Warrior, Children of Men, and The Road — all of which this Logan trailer evokes in some way or another. But she might also have connections to X-Men mythology. Is this little girl actually the character usually referred to as X-23, a young female clone of Wolverine? Xavier’s line seems to suggest so, as well as the shot at 1:29 of Logan blocking an attack with his claws. It looks very much like he’s being attacked by another set of claws.

That’s the most likely scenario (other than the girl being an entirely original character), but if mutants are truly on a downturn, the girl could also be a version of Hope Summers, the mutant messiah who recently helped restore Marvel’s mutants to pre-House of M-levels. We’ll see on March 3, 2017.