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Late Show: Hugh Laurie plays a dead voter for Stephen Colbert

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Stephen Colbert followed up Wednesday night’s third presidential debate with a live show. At the debate, Donald Trump once again brought up the idea that the election could be rigged, and that he might not accept the results if his opponent Hillary Clinton wins on Election Day. In the days leading up to the debate, Trump had been telling his followers about a conspiracy theory that dead people are still registered to vote, and are being used to unlawfully stuff the ballot box. To tackle this theory, Colbert spoke to one such dead person — in the form of Hugh Laurie, dressed like an angel.

Laurie’s character, “Horace McNulty,” was a farmhand from the 19th century who died in a wheat thresher accident. Colbert was able to speak with him after he “sacrificed an intern to the elder gods and reached through the veil.”

As it turns out, McNulty was a “life-long Republican,” but now a “death-long independent.” He’s decided to vote for Hillary Clinton, however, since the more independent candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have negligible support.

“They don’t have a chance in hell,” Laurie’s McNulty said. “I know, ’cause I have some friends down there. Alan, enjoy the lake of fire, buddy. Shouldn’t have pushed me into that wheat thresher. I’m on TV!”

Watch the clip below.