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Rachel Bloom Sugar Ray jukebox musical discussed on James Corden

The ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ star discussed the lost comedy with James Corden

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As a child of the ’90s, there is nothing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator and star Rachel Bloom loves more than late ’90s bands. In fact, she loves them so much that she even wrote an entire musical around one of them. 

Appearing on The Late Late Show on Tuesday, Bloom explained the origins of her Rent-like musical Sugar Ray: The Jukebox Musical, which consisted mainly of the music from Sugar Ray’s catalog. 

“I was in middle school in the late ’90s and when you’re in middle school, you’re most susceptible of taking pop culture, breathing in the most popular things,” said Bloom. “So, a lot of my music references are late ’90s bands, which a lot of people don’t consider the pinnacle of music history.”

Thus, Sugar Ray: The Jukebox Musical was born. The musical, which was performed in 2014 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles, opens with the cast standing in a straight line on stage singing Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning.” Bloom plays Phoenix/Starstreak — a.k.a. the Mimi of the musical — who is addicted to butt heroin. Unfortunately, she dies from an overdose, which leads into a glorious reprise of “Every Morning” mashed up with “Seasons of Love” that ends with them declaring that Smashmouth sucks.

Go ahead and give Bloom’s masterpiece a few more views by watching it below. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns for its second season on Friday.