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The Mindy Project: Ed Weeks recaps season 5, episode 3

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Jordin Althaus/Hulu

Every week, the cast and crew of Hulu’s beloved rom-com, The Mindy Project, are taking EW readers behind the scenes of each episode. This week, Ed Weeks, who plays Dr. Jeremy Reed, takes us through the third episode of season five, “Margaret Thatcher.” 

Hello, there! For it is today, pregnant with autumnal promise, that I am attempting one of these recap thingies for EW. My agenda: To prove how different I am from my character, Dr. Jeremy Reed. So, let me put down this decorative Japanese fan I am painting, and we will begin.

The episode opens with two characters that are not me, but despite this shortcoming, their scene is sweet and possibly suggestive of a romance to come. Mindy “Project” Lahiri is yet again calling on the services of nurse Ben “possesses scruff despite the fact that contractually, I am the only actor allowed to” Miller to tend to her infant, Leo. All this plays against the upheaval of the nurses’ strike. Behind the scenes tidbit: During the scene where the nurses pelt eggs, us doctors were given bullet-proof vests because apparently “eggs thrown at a distance hurt.” Jody (Garret Dillahunt) took the brunt of the egg-pelting and we all thank him for the sacrifice of his nipples.


The next scene, in the doctors’ conference room, has yet more acting in it. The chap who plays Troy was so funny as the random employee none of us care about. I am too tired to look up the name of the actor who played him. But he was nice. Or maybe he wasn’t. I really have no recollection.

What I do remember is Fortune Feimster (Collette) having her curly hair straightened for the following scene, when the nurses complain about the strike. As Fortune sat in the makeup trailer, having her cherubic locks tonged into metric precision, I laughed and laughed. Then she left the makeup trailer and I laughed and laughed. Because I am ill.

Now, why you’re all here! Dr. Reed smoking a joint! Mike Schenk (in the props department) and I had a disagreement about whether said doobie would have a filter or not. He said nay. I retorted yay. Thankfully, I prevailed (I threatened to quit), and I think we can all agree the scene is stronger for it. Much ingenuity was required to have my eyebrows fall off my face. First, my actual eyebrows had to be covered up with something-technical, and then false ones were put on with something-else-technical. There was a nice man crouched just out of shot, ready to pull at my brow with a thread at the correct moment. Unfortunately, Project Kaling is clinically incapable of not breaking in a scene, so we kept having to reset the falling eyebrow due to her maniacal giggling.

That night at the Flaming Saddles bar, anti-strike Jody is reunited with his pro-strike sister, Collette. But sibling smooches turn sour as Collette lets it slip that Mindy is Frenching Ben! Treachery! Jody races angrily to Jeremy’s apartment to find our hunky British hero confiding sexily to his bird Roger. Jeremy realizes that because of Mindy’s dalliance, the doctors’ negotiating power has been compromised. His heart gives way and he collapses to the ground in a manner that can only be described as superbly researched.

Mindy agrees to replace the now-bedridden Jeremy at the negotiating table. Unfortunately, venal patriarch Dr. Ledreau (played by one-time congressman Fred Grandy!) informs her that the nurses are getting a terrible deal. Mindy’s conscience, mixed with some undeniable horniness for Ben, leads to her scuppering the deal. When Mindy returns to Jeremy to tell him of the nurses’ victory, our hero — who’s masculinely cross-stitching in his hospital bed — has another 100 percent medically accurate heart episode. But at least the strike has been resolved, and nurses and doctors are finally reunited. Jeremy is temporarily wheelchair-bound, but I think we can all agree it wears him well.

The last scene has Mindy and Ben kiss extravagantly (his scruff must have itched her. Maybe that’s why I barely get any kissing scenes?) while Morgan looks on. And we look on at Morgan looking on. But who is looking on at us looking on? No one. Because we are alone.

New episodes of The Mindy Project stream Tuesdays on Hulu.