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Helen Mirren calls Donald Trump a 'dinosaur' in latest interview

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Helen Mirren joins the chorus of celebrities who have spoken out against Donald Trump following the 2005 recording that surfaced earlier this month in which he’s heard making graphic comments about women. During a luncheon Tuesday held to promote her film Eye in the Sky, the actress was asked to give her thoughts on misogyny in the current election.

“Well, I think it’s dinosaurs,” Mirren answered, according to IndieWire. “I think they’re dying out, honestly. I think there are a few old dinosaurs left and I think that Mr. Trump is one of them. Enormous body, small head.”

Mirren, who has expressed support for Hillary Clinton and appeared on stage at a Broadway fundraiser for the Democratic presidential candidate the night before, went on to assure the crowd that she has faith that things will change.

“I’m a great optimist. I believe in the young, and I certainly believe in young women,” the Oscar winner said. “I think young women are entering into a very different world to the world I entered in, and I think they are going to take things absolutely for granted that are and must be a part of the landscape of their existence on this planet.”

She continued, “I think the dinosaurs will die out.”