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'Black Mirror' is a rare TV show that makes you stop and think

Watch a clip from this week’s ‘Bingeworthy’

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If you’re over using television as an escape, and really want something that makes you think, Black Mirror might be for you.

In this clip from Bingeworthy, hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré discuss the anthology series, and both agree that it’s a smart, thought-provoking show.

The only thing they don’t agree on? How to best consume the episodes.

“This is a show that I want to space it out, because each episode feels so profound and moving, and there’s so much to think about after each one that it actually makes you want to stop and think, which you don’t often have with TV,” Shaw explains.

But Touré, on the other hand, seems to think that watching Black Mirror episodes consecutively contributes to the bigger picture.

“The value to me in binging them is that you can see the connectors between them,” he says. “Because it’s an anthology show, the episodes are so different that you may lose the thread if you take too much time between them.”

Will the co-hosts deem it bingeworthy? Check out the full episode to find out.

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