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Into the Inferno trailer: Werner Herzog volcano documentary showcases nature's fury

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Renowned auteur Werner Herzog explores the fiery depths of Earth in the explosive new trailer for his forthcoming documentary, Into the Inferno.

The just-released clip, set to an ominous synth-driven score, teases footage captured on the international journey taken by Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, during which they explored some of the world’s most active volcanic sites from Antarctica and Ethiopia to Iceland and North Korea. 

“The sun dimmeth, the land sinketh, gusheth forth steam and gutting fire. To the heavens soared the hurtling flames of the mighty gods; the engulfing doom,” Herzog narrates. “It is hard to take your eyes off the fire that burns deep under our feet. Obviously there was a scientific side to our journey, but what we were really chasing was the magical side, no matter how strange things might eventually get. It is a fire that wants to burst forth, and it could not care less about what we are doing up here.” 

In addition to stunning visuals of the globe’s fiercest volcanic sites, the film promises a deep dive into various cultures’ philosophies surrounding the fiery natural wonders, while also examining the psychology of human fragility in the face of nature’s fury, as one interview subject muses on the idea that a volcano will one day “destroy this world.”

In September, Into the Inferno had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival. It later traveled to both the Toronto International Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival, where it received positive reviews from movie critics

Into the Inferno will screen at a limited number of theaters in New York and Los Angeles on Oct. 28, the same day it hits Netflix. Watch the film’s new trailer above, and check out its poster below.