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Survivor: Jeff Probst reacts to the latest hall of fame moment

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Monty Brinton/CBS

Each week, Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Michaela would not be denied in the reward challenge, getting rid of her top to escape Lucy’s grasp and then going topless as she fought to score a point for her tribe. What was your reaction to that effort and how did the other players react?  

JEFF PROBST: It’s a hall of fame moment. No doubt about it. It’s one of the many reasons we wanted Michaela on the show. She is so passionate about everything she does and she is clearly a tremendous all-around athlete. We loved having her on the show and we were pretty sure she would have the audience rooting for her. The reactions of the two tribes was pretty similar. The Millennial tribe didn’t care one way or the other about her top coming off, they were just blown away by her ability to dominate in the challenge. The Gen X tribe, even though they were on the losing end, were definitely impressed. How can you not be? She single-handedly won that point.  

BONUS QUESTION! You showed me that footage of you getting knocked over by that wave when I came out on location, and it was — and remains — one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Did you think you were going down when that thing hit you?   

I rarely watch footage of myself on the show. But I’ll admit I’ve watched that a few dozen times and I laugh every time. It’s just so random. It did hit me pretty full on. Those swells were for real and it added such a dynamic dimension to the challenge. It happened so fast all I could do was react. I am SO grateful I didn’t fall as I would have never heard the end of it. I know there are millions of people who would love to see something like that happen! Have to wait for another day!

Lucy tells Ken to vote Jessica out, but to not talk to anyone. Ken then tells Jessica, and Jessica promptly goes back to Lucy to rat out Ken. It seems on the surface like such a terrible move for her, but then again, how do you know whom to trust out there? How would you handle a situation like that if you were in Jessica’s proverbial shoes?  

Yeah, that’s a tricky one. If I were Ken, I would have done the same thing; it’s his only move if he truly wants to change the game. Jessica is in an equally tough spot because as you say, “Who do you trust?” I know Jessica to be super bright so I have to assume she thought through the options and decided she couldn’t risk doing nothing as it might result in her being blindsided. And she couldn’t risk voting against Lucy without trying to verify the information. I think I would have probably done the same as both Ken and Jessica.

Fascinating move here as David uses his idol to save someone whom his closest partner (Ken) even voted for to leave. I tend to think it’s maybe not the best move because the tribe is so fractured and it does not seem to redraw the tribe map enough to be worth losing an idol for — while tribe swaps also happen around now — but is there also something to be said for résumé-building, even at this early stage of the game?   

I don’t think David was trying to build his résumé. I could be totally off on this, but I think David felt as though he had to try and truly change up the game. Sticking around another one or two Tribals isn’t enough. I agree it is a HUGE move but I’ll be totally honest, it’s the kind of game I would play. I wouldn’t hold onto idols for a rainy day. I’d play them as I thought I needed to and then figure out the next move after that. Ah, man, it is SO easy for me to sit here and wax on about what I would do, having never had the pressure of making a million dollar mistake. I love this game. Can you tell?

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Okay, tease us up for next week, sir!

Anytime someone plays an idol… there is speculation there might be a new one on the beach and that’s always fun!!

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