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Bill Maher blames rise of Donald Trump on self-esteem movement

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HBO recently teamed up with ATTN: to release an animated version of Bill Maher’s “New Rules” segment, normally featured on Maher’s weekly HBO series, Real Time

In the video, written and recorded by Maher himself, the television host likens Donald Trump to “every pain-in-the-ass kid who ever sat behind you on a plane kicking the back of your seat while the parents did nothing.” He goes on blame the rise of the GOP candidate on the “self-esteem movement.”

“Stop trying to pin the rise of Donald Trump on easy targets like racism, xenophobia, and fetal alcohol syndrome and put the blame where it belongs — on the self-esteem movement,” he starts. “Have you noticed that nobody ever does anything better than Donald Trump?”

Maher then goes into detail by imitating Trump’s overly confident demeanor and brings in statistics showing that the U.S. is trailing behind other developed countries in terms of education but leading the pack in terms of confidence. 

“Trump is the perfect candidate for the country that scores low in math and science, but off the charts in self-esteem,” he said. 

Watch the full “New Rules” clip below.