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Jennifer Connelly revisits old teen novel covers with Jimmy Kimmel

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It is the sacred duty of late-night hosts to research their guests’ background and make sure to bring up the silliest and most embarrassing things the stars have done, especially early in their careers. Jimmy Kimmel is particularly good at this, and indeed when Jennifer Connelly came on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, the host presented her with a series of “teen novels” she had been a cover model for back in the day. Titles included the likes of Two of Us and Rock n’ Roll Romance.

“I remember, you’d go and do these things and they’d tell you a little about the story to try and get in the spirit of what’s happening in the novel,” Connelly said. “The scary thing is these are real, these pictures.”

Watch the clip below, which includes Kimmel’s own (fake) novel cover.