Nick Romano
August 01, 2017 at 10:08 AM EDT

Unlike Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Kellyanne Conway’s time away isn’t so carefree. 

In addition to reprising her impersonation of Hillary Clinton on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon took on Donald Trump’s campaign manager to show what a leisurely day might look like for the polarizing figure.

While Conway’s Saturday morning begins on a hopeful note, she’s soon pulled away from her family to address Donald Trump’s latest insulting tweet. Soon, she pops up on CNN to address the subtext of Trump’s claims that Clinton cheated on her husband — and that’s far from the first visit she pays the network that day.

McKinnon’s Conway interrupts yoga, painting, acupuncture, and even a romantic bubble bath with her husband to defend the onslaught of brow-raising tweets from the Republican presidential candidate. “What do you want me to say?” she finally admits while wrapped in a bath towel. “Yes, he said that. He’s crazy. He’s the worst person I’ve ever known.” 

Watch the sketch below, and check back later for our full recap of the episode.

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