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The Girl on the Train movie spoilers discussion

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Warning: Major spoilers beyond this point for The Girl on the Train. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, come back once you have.

The Girl on the Train has officially left the station.

The buzzy, big-screen adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ dark-and-twisty thriller is in theaters now, and already got off to a strong start at the box office, pulling in $1.23 million from Thursday-night screenings.

For those who already devoured Hawkins’ novel before sitting down at the movies, the film isn’t so much a whodunit but a howdunit: How would the film compare to the book? For everyone else, the mystery of The Girl on the Train — what happened to the young woman Emily Blunt’s unraveling, alcoholic anti-heroine spies on from her train seat each day? — remains a central selling point.

But now that readers and non-readers alike have been able to see the movie, it’s time to talk about it. There are some differences between the book and the film, including an added and very unsettling scene in the beginning where Rachel goes off in a drunken rage inside the Grand Central Terminal bathroom, which she inadvertently records on her phone. That this happens in Grand Central is also part of another crucial difference — the film relocates the action from London to New York City. Alison Janney’s Det. Riley character also has a more prominent role in the film than in the book (in the novel, her male partner is the lead detective investigating the disappearance).

But while those changes are there, the film’s plot, and its big twists, remained largely the same. So we want to know — did they keep you on the edge of your seat? Did Blunt’s portrayal of Rachel convince you, and did you miss the character’s go-to canned gin and tonics? What did you think of Justin Theroux as her cheating, gaslighting ex-husband, Tom? For those who hadn’t read the book before seeing the movie, were you surprised by the film’s conclusion? (We’re referring here to both the reveal of Megan’s killer and that person’s death-by-wine-opener demise.)

Share all your spoilery thoughts on the movie in comments below — and if you want more Girl on the Train, head here to revisit EW’s recent cover story.