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Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon act out 'The Accountant'-themed plays written by kids

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Ahead of the release of The Accountant next week, star Ben Affleck stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonto take on a more kid-friendly project: a game of Kid Theater.

Affleck and host Jimmy Fallon did live readings of short plays, literally written by kids, about accountants. The first, for example, featured a little boy (Affleck) deciding whether he wanted to be an accountant or an astronaut when he grew up (“I really want to wear an astronaut helmet but I also want to use a calculator”). He and a little girl (Fallon) decide to compromise: He’ll become an accountant astronaut, while she becomes an astronaut accountant, and they meet later on the moon.

The second story features a strained relationship between an accountant father (Affleck) and his son (Fallon) who just wants a hug. The third is a discussion between two accountants named Steve (Affleck) and Roger (Fallon), whose mutual love of their profession comes into conflict when the two discover they have different favorite numbers. Just as they’re about to fight over the differences between 8 and 41, they remember the Accountant’s Oath: “We, the great accountants of America, promise to never fight other accountants. And most importantly, all numbers are the best.”

Watch the clip below.