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Ani DiFranco releases Play God video

Hear ‘Play God’ and see its music video now

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Ani DiFranco debuted a powerful new song advocating for women’s reproductive freedom titled “Play God,” premiering Friday on The Huffington Post.

The black and white video juxtaposes shots of protesters marching for reproductive rights for women with images of the church. “Play God” is a slow but commanding funk-inspired song. In the defiant chorus, DiFranco sings, “I feel I’ve earned/my right to choose/you don’t get to play God, man/I do.” DiFranco has been performing the song on her Vote Dammit tour, which runs through November.

“‘Play God’ is a song that recognizes reproductive freedom as a civil rights issue,” DiFranco said in a statement. “As a society, it is time to acknowledge that unless a woman is in control of her own reproduction, she is not free, and it is the responsibility of our American government to protect and ensure the freedom of all American citizens. It is time we get serious about addressing and achieving this great unfinished business of civil rights in America. The true emancipation and equality of women is dependent on it.”