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Stephen Colbert dings Mike Pence for making up Russian proverb

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Stephen Colbert still had some stuff to say about Tuesday’s vice presidential debate on the Wednesday episode of The Late Show, tracking the fallout of Republican candidate Mike Pence’s strong performance while mocking the Indiana governor for fabricating a Russian proverb.

First, Colbert noted how many in the media thought Pence outperformed his runningmate, GOP nominee Donald Trump — with one adviser reportedly telling MSNBC’s John Harwood that “Pence won overall, but lost with Trump. He can’t stand to be upstaged.”

“As much as I disagree with Donald Trump, the last thing I want is for the guy to feel like he’s being overshadowed,” Colbert said. “Trump’s very sensitive. People praising Mike Pence too much might push Trump over the edge.” He paused and continued: “Then again, Mike Pence: pretty great guy. Pence is a strong, rock hard specimen of a man. You look at him and think world leader. And did you see the size of his hands? Definitely the hands of a man who could keep a wife. I bet he could do some amazing deals. We all know Donald Trump’s a genius, but Mike Pence might be the kind of genius who doesn’t lose a billion dollars. I trust Mike Pence so much, I wouldn’t even want to see his taxes. Someone should give Mike Pence a TV show.”

Colbert then joked that “it was a big, big night for the Pence-Trump ticket. I mean, it was a huge night for Donald Pence. I mean, for the guy who lives in Pence Tower.”

But despite Pence’s performance, Colbert still found room for some mockery. At one point on Tuesday night, Pence quoted what he called a Russian proverb: “The Russian bear never dies, it just hibernates.”

“He left off the end of that proverb. It hibernates and then wakes up with a huge boner for Donald Trump,” Colbert joked, before showing a BuzzFeed article published this week explaining that the proverb was not real.

“This could be the biggest Trump campaign scandal since Melania quoted the ancient proverbs of Michelle Obama,” Colbert said.

Colbert then read four other fake Russian proverbs, which he attributed to Pence, closing with a warning for the VP hopeful: “The fool who outperforms his master shall soon be thrown from the tower.”