Clark Collis
October 05, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

In The Monster, a divorced mother (Zoe Kazan) and her headstrong daughter (Ella Ballentine) make an emergency late night road trip to see the girl’s father. Driving through deserted country roads, they have a startling collision that leaves them shaken but not seriously hurt. Their car, however, is dead, and as they try in vain to get help, they come to realize they are not alone on these desolate backroads. An evil is lurking in the surrounding woods, one intent on never letting them leave.

The Monster is written and directed by Bryan Bertino and costars Scott Speedman, who also appeared in Bertino’s nerve-shredding 2008 film, The Strangers.

The film will be available to watch exclusively on DirecTV on Oct. 6 and will be released Nov. 11 in theaters and on demand. 

You can exclusively see the new poster for The Monster, below.

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