October 05, 2016 at 01:49 PM EDT

James Corden’s research failed him on Tuesday night, when it turned out that guests J.K. Simmons and Rob Lowe were not, in fact, hardcore bird watchers as he had thought. Unfortunately, at that point it was too late to turn back from the bird-themed game show Corden had planned, so he roped Simmons and Lowe into playing Look Who’s Squawking anyway.

Dressed in a giant red bird costume, Corden proceeded to ask the two guests to identify strange bird calls. After they failed, it was time for a high-speed trivia round: What is the largest songbird in North America? What bird depends almost entirely on man-made nesting boxes in the eastern United States? What is the maximum speed of a chicken? Simmons and Lowe responded “I don’t know” to each one, forcing Corden further into desperation.

“You’re both being unbelievably difficult,” Corden said.

“James, none of us knows anything about birds,” Simmons said.

“Do you think I don’t know that? Of course I know that!” Corden said. “I’m saying help me out. I’m in the quicksand here.”

At a certain point, though, there just wasn’t much Simmons and Lowe could do. Corden had someone bring out a mystery bird of prey and asked the contestants to write down their guesses for its species, gender, and age to the nearest month. Simmons and Lowe both wrote down “F— You” instead, and walked off the stage as Corden was hoisted into the air while other bird dancers swarmed beneath him.

Watch the clip below.

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